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Best Ways to Get Up-To-Date Information About Your Child’s Bus
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Late Bus? Your School has the Best Information

Late Bus? Your School has the Best Information

Please reach out to your school’s Transportation Coordinator for up-to-date information about your student’s transportation. These Coordinators work closely with Transportation Managers at the school district, so the Coordinators should have the latest and most accurate information. You can also contact Transportation Dispatch directly at 612-668-2300 or the District Communication Center at 612-668-0000 for information.

During the first few weeks of school, or inclement weather, you will experience longer wait times when calling Transportation Dispatch, particularly between 7a-9a and 3p-6p, as these are our peak call times. Please know we are working as quickly as possible to answer all calls. During peak times, not only do we receive more phone calls, the staff assigned to phones have been out driving buses in response to the driver shortage.

Should we experience route delays of more than 30 minutes due to weather or other issues, our Transportation Dispatch Center will notify the school impacted, who then determines whether to send out a robocall to our families. This is handled at the school level as we believe schools have the closest relationships with our families and can provide the information more efficiently.

From time to time, a child does not get off at a school or stop as scheduled. Drivers are trained and expected to check their buses at each school before proceeding to their next route, as well as at the end of the route for the day. If for some reason that does not happen and a driver discovers a child still on the bus, the driver notifies Dispatch that a child was not dropped off as scheduled and Dispatch will call the family directly.

For non-urgent matters, you can submit your comments or suggestions via the Customer Survey by clicking here.