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Summer School
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Summer School

Summer School

Summer Scholars

Explore. Create. Connect.

This isn’t just summer school. It’s an innovative, immersive summer experience that pushes your child to explore a world of possibilities both in and out of the classroom. It won’t even feel like learning as they forge their own path, dream up new ideas and find meaning in everything they create. All while discovering endless ways to connect—with one another and their education.

Your child is more than a student. They’re a scholar. And at MPS they can explore, create and connect all summer long.

Find more information on Summer Session Programs website, including
  • Programs
  • Registration Dates
  • Locations

Registrered students eligible for transportation will be assigned to a bus stop accoridng to District Busing Guidelines

Changes to summer session bus routes happen three times through the summer session, although not all routes experience a change. Refer to the calendar to help identify when a change may happen to your student's route. Calendar coming soon