Improvement Plan
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Transportation Services Improvement Plan

Transportation Services Improvement Plan
  1. Provide transparent and responsive communication about Transportation Service’s policies, procedures and practices, as well as current actions in process for improvement

    1. Update Transportations website – September

    2. Maintain periodic status updates – upon launch and ongoing

    3. Update TSIP status biweekly - ongoing

    4. Continue to collect information from families and schools about any challenges with transportation system - ongoing


  1. Launch Synovia GPS tracking system

    1. Installation in MPS equipment – complete

    2. Installation in all contracted vehicles – September 2018

    3. Program Stop Frequency – October 2018

    4. Assess reliability of other software platforms in use, interface to Synovia and ongoing support and update plan - October 2018

    5. Document all procedures to maintain systems - ongoing / complete by January 2019


  1. Launch parent Here Comes The Bus app to allow visibility to parents based on GPS tracking

    1. Draft communication plan – September 2018

    2. Field Test at select schools – late fall 2018

    3. Identify additional work needed from Field Test outcomes - post Field Test

    4. Full implementation district wide – pending


  1. Strengthen Driver recruitment and retention

    1. “We are hiring” signs and posters at highly visible locations across the district – immediate

    2. Strengthen messaging about the benefits of MPS school bus driver positions; flexible work schedule, drivers can bring children to work, opportunity to augment income, competitive benefit package for employees working 20 hours or more – immediate

    3. Explore other driver recruitment and retention incentives in partnership with the exclusive bargaining representative as required  – Fall 2018

    4. Hold Job Fair in partnership with MPRB - November 27, 2018

    5. Contract with a staffing agency to help with recruitment efforts – backlogged

    6. Employee survey - November 2019

    7. Build out a Grow your Own training program to obtain a CDL (pre-employment requirement) – May 2019


  1. Support Comprehensive District Assessment and Design process

    1. Assist in designing district’s program and pathways to enhance shorter transportation routes for students - November 2018

    2. Propose flexible transportation policies based on neighborhood characteristics, such as crime statistics - November 2018