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Having Issues with Here Comes The Bus?

Having Issues with Here Comes The Bus?

Why isn't my child's bus showing on the app?

  • Here Comes the Bus tracks yellow school buses only. Taxi cabs, vans and other vehicles do not have GPS units installed so families can not use Here Comes the Bus.
  • Students need to be assigned to the bus stop in order for Here Comes the Bus to track your child. Families receive notification from Transportation when their child is assigned to a bus stop.
  • If your child rides a yellow school bus and is assigned to a bus stop and it’s still not showing up on the app, there was most likely a last minute bus substitution. This means another bus is picking up or dropping off students. Most of the time, Transportation's dispatch staff can catch these last minute changes and update information in the GPS system so Here Comes the Bus will still work for families. However there are times when the last minute substitution is not updated in our GPS system and Here Comes the Bus will not show accurate information for families.

My child gets picked up or dropped off at two different addresses throughout the week but I can only see bus stop information for one address.

  • Here Comes The Bus is able to track only one morning and one afternoon bus stop for each student. For students that have more than one morning and/or afternoon bus stop, families will not be able to see accurate information in Here Comes The Bus. 

Here Comes the Bus sends notifications too late for my child to get to the bus stop before the bus arrives.

  • Families can set the notification radius in the app to provide more timely notification. Read more about changing the notification radius.

How long should my child wait at the bus stop?

  • We ask students to arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before their scheduled pick up time.
  • It is highly encouraged that families develop a plan for their children if they wait unattended at the bus stop. Parents should advise their children as to how long they should wait for the bus and what to do if the bus does not come in that time frame.

If the app is not working, who can I call to know where my child's bus is at?

  • Families can call Transportation dispatch staff at 612-668-2300. Long call wait times are expected in the first weeks of school.