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Go To Card for Middle Schools
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Go To Cards for Middle School Students

Go To Cards for Middle School Students

Looking for information about Metro Transit Go To Cards for high school students?
Check out: transportation.mpls.k12.mn.us/goto


Go to Cards for Middle School Students

MPS is offering eligible middle school students and middle grade students at our K-8 schools the choice to opt out of yellow bus transportation and receive a Metro Transit Go To card.

Middle school students need to be eligible for transportation in order to participate. There is no cost to families for these Metro Transit Go To Cards. Those students who reside in the walk zone of their school or reside outside of the district boundaries are unable to participate in this program. 

These Metro Transit Go To Cards are offered as another option to help reduce the impact of the continuing driver shortage at MPS. A student's Go To Card will replace their yellow bus transportation service. Once they receive their Go To Card, students will be unassigned from their bus stop and no longer be able to ride the school bus. If a family would like to return to yellow bus service for their student, they will need to return the Go To Card to their school and request transportation. Use of the Go To card should span the academic quarter to be effective in addressing the continuing driver shortage. 

Who is eligible for a free Go To Card?

Middle school students and students in grades 6-8 at a K-8 school who are eligible for yellow bus transportation.

What is the Go-to Card program?

A Go-To Card is a durable, plastic pre-paid fare card that allows for unlimited rides on city buses and light rail to and from school instead of riding the traditional yellow school bus.  The cards can be used after school hours for other student activities.

Students may also use their Go-To Cards for extracurricular activities before and after school hours.

How do they work?

The Go-To Cards will allow student users to ride the bus or train from 5:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. seven days a week.

What are the benefits of the program?

  • It offers students scheduling flexibility and access to a wide variety of learning and enrichment opportunities in the community.
  • Students will have more opportunities to remain at school for academic programs, sports and other activities beyond the regular school day.
  • The program supports improved student attendance and retention.