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Bus Transportation Exceptions

Bus Transportation Exceptions

Bus Transportation Exceptions

Because school programing may change to meet overall student needs, exceptions may be made to the District's Guidelines and are reviewed yearly.

  • Students may, as a result of a program change or an adjustment to school attendance areas, attend a school outside of their attendance areas as defined by their home address. These students may choose to remain at that school and transportation service will be provided until they pathway4 to another school.  Younger sibling(s) may be allowed service to the same school as well, but only as long as the older student remains at that school. Once the older student pathways to another school, their younger sibling(s) will no longer be eligible for transportation and it will be the family’s responsibility to provide transportation to and from school for the younger student every day.  The younger sibling(s) has the option to enroll in the school within their attendance area, in which case they will be eligible for transportation per the District's Guidelines.
  • There may also be exceptions to the bus stop guidelines based on temporary medical or emotional needs of students, such as the result of an injury like a broken leg which would limit mobility. Exceptions like these are managed on an individual basis, and must be accompanied by documents that define the need and the duration of the needed support.

Process to Request a Transportation Exception

Families may request an exception to the bus stop guidelines if they disagree with the bus stop location or walk zone determination. Requests may also be submitted by schools that have had program or attendance area changes resulting in student transportation losses.

All transportation exception requests must be submitted in writing to the Executive Director of Transportation Services. Requests may be sent via email to Lisa.Beck@mpls.k12.mn.us, or via mail at the address below. The Chief Operations Officer will be consulted when a request for an exception has been denied.

Transportation Services
1001 2nd Avenue N. Attn: Lisa Beck
Minneapolis, MN 55405. 


An appeal to a denied request for an exception can be submitted in writing to the Chief Operations Officer, who will review the request and make the final decision. Requests may be sent via email to Karen.DeVet@mpls.k12.mn.us, or via mail.

Minneapolis Public Schools
1250 W. Broadway Ave. Attn: Karen DeVet
Minneapolis, MN 55411



4- Pathways are defined as movement from one school to the next, through the grade levels, according to the defined zone pathways developed by Minneapolis Public Schools. Pathways are outlined in the School Choice Guide Book.