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Transportation Careers

Transportation Careers

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Minneapolis Public Schools is hiring licensed school bus drivers as well as people new to the industry.

As a Driver-in-Training you'll earn $15/hour while you train to become a fully licensed driver. You'll become a MPS School Bus Driver upon completion of training- with an automatic pay increase!

You will receive hands on training and assistance as a Driver-in-Training to ensure success as a School Bus Driver. Our training programs starts with the basics to get you comfortable behind the wheel-  no experience is necessary.

The training team will work with you in small groups as you learn the basics, master driving maneuvers, and excel at bus and student management.

For more information and to complete an application to become a Driver-in-Training, please click here.

If you're a licensed school bus driver, come join us for better pay and great benefits! Click here to complete an application. 



Join us to start a career that positively impacts the lives of children in Minneapolis.