Bus Safety
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Bus Safety

Bus Safety

Safety is our first priority and Transportation Services has established rules and regulations designed to protect the welfare of children. Every child, regardless of age, is responsible for following these rules.

We ask that you help your child recognize that misconduct can cause serious injury to themselves or other passengers. Disturbances also impact the driver's ability to perform the bus route, causing unnecessary delay. Please review the safety rules listed below with your child.

Bus Safety Rules

  1. Stay out of the "Danger Zones" outside the bus.
  2. Follow driver's instructions.
  3. Be at the assigned bus stop on time.
  4. Always SIT DOWN.
  5. Be courteous. No fighting, swearing or yelling.
  7. Keep your bus clean. Do not damage bus.
  8. Keep your head and arms inside the bus windows.
  9. No pets or dangerous objects.

We know that parents understand they share responsibility with the child for his/her conduct while on the school bus and in the school bus loading and unloading areas. While it is a last resort, students who are involved in serious or repeated incidents will be denied transportation. Parents are always notified if the student is to lose this privilege.

Winter Weather Safety Tips for Students & Families

  1. Dress appropriately for the weather. Wear coats, hats, gloves and boots. Make sure hats or face coverings don’t obstruct vision, and boots can be easily walked in. Try to find outerwear that is bright-colored and reflective for better visibility to drivers.
  2. Allow extra time to get to the bus stop. If the sidewalk or street is covered in snow and ice, students will need to walk more slowly to get to their stops.
  3. Don’t play rough at the bus stop. Stay off of snow piles and don’t push or shove. Doing so could cause students to fall on the ice and become injured.
  4. Cross 10 feet in front of the bus. If it’s snowing, the driver may have more trouble seeing students, so make sure to leave plenty of room.
  5. Use the handrail when getting on and off the bus. The steps are likely to be slippery from snowy boots.

It is highly encouraged that families develop a plan for their children if they wait unattended at the bus stop. Parents should advise their children as to how long they should wait for the bus and what to do if the bus does not come in that time frame.

Even the most dependable bus can be delayed for an extended amount of time, particularly during the winter months. 

Severe Weather Bus Safety

When severe weather is possible, Minneapolis Public Schools monitor the forecast from the National Weather Service.  The Superintendent meets with numerous administrators in order to make the best decision for students, staff and families.

If, during the school day, a severe thunderstorm watch or warning, or tornado watch or warning has been declared by the National Weather Service, staff and students are instructed to shelter in place until it passes. There may be a delay in transportation which will be communicated to families via phone calls and email. Please make sure to confirm or update your contact information with your school.

If heavy rain or snow impedes bus transportation during scheduled morning or afternoon routes, drivers are instructed to find a safe place to secure their vehicle and immediately contact dispatch to note the delay. Drivers will not attempt to drop off students if doing so may comprise their safety.

Bus Drivers are instructed to do the following, based on their location, if a tornado warning has been issued:

At a school: the driver will accompany the students into the school building to the designated shelter area and remain with the students until an ‘all clear’ has been issued by the National Weather Service. Upon returning to their vehicles, drivers will call dispatch to advise of their estimated delay.

En-route: If a warning is issued while en-route drivers are instructed to seek the nearest tornado shelter. School sites are the best possible shelter and drivers will remain with their passengers during this time.


Canceling school and afterschool activities is a complicated decision that affects students, staff and families. Our schools provide students with a safe and stable place to learn. Canceling school is an exception and we do everything possible to keep schools open.

For more information regarding canceling school due to severe weather, please check out the School Closing website here.