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Bus Safety
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Bus Safety

Bus Safety

Bus safety video created by the Futureboys & Futuregirls Club from Franklin Middle School and Hall Elementary School, led by teacher Michael Bratsch in partnership with Transportation.

Safety is our first priority and Transportation Services has established rules and regulations designed to protect the welfare of children. Every child, regardless of age, is responsible for following these rules.

Bus Safety Rules

  1. Stay out of the "Danger Zones" outside the bus.
  2. Follow driver's instructions.
  3. Be at the assigned bus stop on time.
  4. Always SIT DOWN.
  5. Be courteous. No fighting, swearing or yelling.
  7. Keep your bus clean. Do not damage bus.
  8. Keep your head and arms inside the bus windows.
  9. No pets or dangerous objects.
  10. Wear a face covering at all times while riding the bus.

We ask that parents help children recognize that misconduct can cause serious injury to themselves or other passengers. Disturbances also impact the driver's ability to perform the bus route, causing unnecessary delay. We know that parents understand they share responsibility with the child for his/her conduct while on the school bus and in the school bus loading and unloading areas.

While it is a last resort, students who are involved in serious or repeated incidents will be denied transportation. Parents are always notified if the student is to lose bus privileges.