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Bell Time Schedules
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Bell Time Schedule

Bell Time Schedule

A New Bell Time Schedule for MPS Schools.

At their November 10 meeting, MPS Board of Education has approved the new bell time schedule for the 2021-22 school year.

As a result of the Comprehensive District Design, two overarching goals were identied for a new bell time schedule to support community and magnet schools.

  • Increasing equitable access to after school programs which MPS' Accountabilty, Research and Equity division has stated has a positive impact on achievement and on a student’s sense of belonging, with a specific focus of moving middle schools off the last tier, i.e. 9:30 start time
  • Identifying additional resources, i.e. reducing transportation expense, that could be redirected and invested in supporting equity and academic achievement.

MPS' Board of Education is confident that the new bell time schedule will meet these goals.

Next Steps

MPS families and staff will be notified of the 2021-22 school year bell time changes and implementation planning will begin. Support and communication will be provided to families during the school request season.

Community Education, Extended Learning and Minneapolis Kids will review their programming, locations, schedules and times to provide equitable access and support to MPS students and families.


You can find archived information and presentations for the Bell Time Schedule project here.