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Bell Time Schedules
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Bell Time Schedules

Bell Time Schedules

A new Bell Time Schedule for MPS schools.

With the approval of the Comprehensive District Design by the Minneapolis Board of Education on May 12, implementation begins as we build towards a brighter future for all MPS students.

Through the planning and feedback phases of the CDD, it was brought to light that our current bell time schedule limits student participation in afterschool activities. Participation in afterschool activities is shown to increase academic achievement, making this a vital and necessary opportunity for many of our students. 

As part of the CDD Implementation we are looking to optimize bell times across the district in order to meet the project goals of

  • Providing more equitable access to after school programming
  • Finding efficiencies in the Transportation department with any cost savings directed to the classroom 

Effects of a Bell Time Schedule

The Bell Time Schedule affects more than just transportation and buses running on-time. Since the Bell Time Schedule dictates when school starts and stops for the day, there are impacts to:

  • Participation in before & after-school programs
  • Athletics
  • Students attendance & performance
  • Staff development time & duty days

Bell Time Steering Committee

To ensure project goals are met, a Steering Committee has been convened to add their input, perspective and voice. This committee is a mix of MPS families from different areas of the city, with children across grades, from different races and languages spoken at home and MPS classroom staff (teachers and other classroom supports), MPS principals and district-level staff.

This group was tasked with reviewing the proposed bell time schedules and providing feedback on the proposals from their and their community’s perspective.


May 2020

  • CDD approved by MPS Board of Education
  • Principal engagement session

June 2020

  • 5 Proposed Bell Time Schedules created
  • Steering Committee convened

July 2020

  • Steering Committee reviewed proposals
  • Feedback gathered from Steering Committee

August 2020

  • Adjust proposals based on feedback

September 2020

  • DPAC engagement session
  • School community engagement

October 2020

  • Committee of the Whole Board presentation

November 2020

  • Final proposal to Board of Education for approval
  • Update School Choice Guidebook & Student Placement for 2021-22 school year



Final Bell Time Schedules are subject to Minneapolis Board of Education approval.