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Bell Time Schedules
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Bell Time Schedules

Bell Time Schedules

Aligning bell time schedules across MPS to better utilize resources.

With the adoption of the Comprehensive District Design by the Minneapolis Board of Education on May 12, implementation begins as we build towards a brighter future for all MPS students.

As part of the CDD Implementation we are looking to optimize bell times across the district in order to meet the project goals of

  • Providing more equitable access to after school programming
  • Finding efficiencies in the Transportation department with any additional savings we might realize directed to the classroom 

A Bell Time Steering Committee has been convened and is composed of key internal and external stakeholders who will review and provide feedback on proposed bell time schedule changes. These stakeholders represent MPS families, staff, building leaders and district leaders.

Proposed Bell Time Models

Transportation department's routing vendor, Edulog, has proposed five bell time schedule models for the steering committee to review and provide feedback on.

You can find information on our current bell time schedule in the Additional Materials sidebar.

Effects of a Bell Time Schedule

The Bell Time Schedule affects more than just transportation and buses running on-time. Since the Bell Time Schedule dictates when school starts and stops for the day, there are impacts to:

  • Participation in before & after-school programs
  • Athletics
  • Students attendance & performance
  • Staff development time & duty days

An efficient bell time includes recovery time between tiers, which translate to a decrease in the number of late buses to bus stops and to schools. In a 5 tier model, there is less recovery time due to less time between tiers. In a 3 tier model there is more recovery time because there’s more time between the tiers.  With the current 5 tier model, buses are expected to arrive every 30 minutes at schools. In a 3 tier model buses could potentially arrive at schools every 45 minutes, allowing more time for traffic, snow, etc.



Final Bell Time Schedules are subject to Minneapolis Board of Education approval.