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Field Trips

Field Trips

As of April 22, 2019: A restriction on field trips is currently in place due to a shortage of bus drivers. Field trips are restricted to Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 9:45am and 1pm. All afternoon field trips must return to school no later than 1:00 p.m. on those days.

At this time no field trips will be scheduled for any time on Mondays and Fridays.

We’ve searched for other solutions but are unable to find a way, given the scarcity of bus drivers, to provide bus service for field trips on Mondays, Fridays and late afternoons. Transportation Services has attempted to find other providers beyond our current contractors to fulfill these needs, but there simply isn’t much availability throughout the system to accommodate at this point. This restriction will be in place until further notice. Thank you for understanding.

Transportation Services will continue to provide bus service for athletic games as normal, however, some teams may be 'doubled up' on buses in order to maximize resources.



A new Adobe Acrobat Field Trip Request Form is now available (sidebar) that can be filled out at your computer, saved and emailed to the Field Trip office.


This new form represents a different way in which the Field Trip payment process is managed.  There are two primary changes: first, you will now be required to provide the account code with the order request and second, Transportation will process the payment for you.  (Do NOT process the journal entry yourself, to avoid being charged twice.)

Note that certain third party payments can still be processed by the Field Trip office (see list at bottom of form).  Other third party payers, such as parents, booster clubs, or community organizations, should write their checks to the school for deposit in the school's account.

These changes were put in place at the request of Central Finance in order to standardize the field trip payment process, improve the timeliness of payments and improve the overall efficiencies for both the school and Transportation staff.

The Field Trip office is open throughout the school year except on Holidays, Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM until 9:00 PM.  Phone:  612-668-2315.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR NEW FIELD TRIP FORM (Requires Adobe Reader installed on computer):  Click the link below to open the form, and save the form to your computer.  Then open that form and type in the form fields.  When you are done, click "Check For Errors" at the bottom (that will automatically fill in the "Ordered on" date).  Then save a copy of the completed form, such as "ZooTripSept30.pdf".  Send an email to and attach that completed form to it.  If you do not receive a confirmation within two business days, please call to get your confirmation number.  Without a confirmation number, you do not have a bus reserved.

MAC USERS:  1.  Save field trip form to your computer.  2. Launch Adobe Acrobat.  3. In the Adobe Acrobat window, open the form from your computer.  4.  Save the form under a new name, such as "Zoo TripSept30.pdf".

Field Trip rates (per bus) 2018-19

  • Basic Round Trip Rate (up to three hours): $195.00
  • Basic One Way Rate:  $177.00
  • Each additional hour: $36.00
  • Additional miles (over 16 round trip): $1.48
  • Bus to Stay with you:  $63.00
  • Cancellation on Arrival Fee: $132.00
  • Trailer - Small & Large: $79.00

Midday Field Trip Discounted Rates

  • This rate allows you to use the buses that bring students to and from school but are not normally used at midday.
  • Pickup at 9:45 AM or later
  • Dropoff by 1:00 PM
  • There are almost always buses available between these times.
  • Rates vary by contractor, but the base price is about $50 for the first hour and about $27 for each additional hour.

Passenger Capacity on 71 Passenger Bus

  • Elementary, 70 students
  • Middle School, 52 students
  • High School, 48 students
  • All passengers must be seated and clear of the aisle
  • All equipment must be stowed clear of the aisle and rear door, not stowed above the level of the seat backs.