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Synovia Mobile Data Terminal (MDT)

Synovia Mobile Data Terminal (MDT)

Synovia Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) 
The Mobile Data Terminal (MDT), also known as a tablet, has been installed in over 500 buses that transport MPS students district-wide. The MDT is a device that allows bus drivers to clock in and out, choose an assignment to perform, navigate to the next assignment, send and receive messages from a dispatch center, display and record information about passengers, and mark items as pass or fail in a pre-trip or post-trip inspection.

Watch the following video to learn how to log into, choose a route, and log out of the Synovia MDT: 

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Training Materials Created by MPS Design + Training (Hosted on Google Drive)

Training Videos Created by Synovia (Hosted on YouTube)


All training materials are also available on MyMPS in the Transportation Training Course: Synovia MDT